The hotel offers a buffet breakfast service, in the cozy room furnished with restored furniture dating back to the late nineteenth century, or in the lovely 'brolo', the ancient name of the internal courtyards of the estates. 

Particular attention is paid to the products: the cheeses, the meats, the fruit, the yogurts are of biological origin and come, for the most part, from the surrounding area. Brioches, like cakes, and bread are made with organic flour and mother yeast, according to the peasant tradition.


Villa dei Campi receives its guests in the elegant Lounge Bar, a perfect harmony of antique and modern furniture for a coffee break, to then go to the lovely Garden Bar, where the view sweeps over the garden.
Here you can taste the house aperitifs and snacks such as: "Il Pirlo", a Garda aperitif, the "
Insalata di farro alla moda di Villa dei Campi", or a tasty platter of cheeses and cold cuts from the area, accompanied by vegetables from the garden, from organic jams and honey; all lulled by the melodious song of birds.

 Wine Bar 

It offers our guests a selected wine list;
in the hall an ancient wooden barrel has been transformed into a charming corner for
taste excellent organic wines from the area,
like the Lugana Bianco, Rosso Groppello or the bubbles famous all over the world.