The hotel garden welcomes our guests into an oasis of tranquility. It is made up of native olive trees of local cultivars, fruit trees including apple, pear, pomegranate, cherry, persimmon, quince, quince, loquat, some of which are of ancient variety and a small vegetable garden made up of medicinal plants, which are used for the preparation of our aperitifs and snacks.

Sparrows and swallows find their ideal habitat among the trees, hydrangeas and flowers that decorate the garden and are reflected in the bio-pool which, with its flowers and plants, fits perfectly into this naturalistic context.


Pure, crystalline water.

Delicate lotus flowers rock on the lightly choppy surface. All around, silence reigns, and the sun warms the environment and the heart, coloring the water with countless tones.
This sensation of harmony will accompany you during your long days of poolside relaxation. Not a traditional pool, but a little corner of paradise; the design of this incredible oasis of peace was in fact inspired by the natural environment.

To the eye, it is a simple and marvelous ornamental lake, but in reality it is a bio pool, synonym for innovation in a bio and green environment. Its perfect ecosystem allows the water to always stay clean, avoiding the use of chemical substances that are hazardous for health and for nature.

The plants that populate the “filtration zone” of the pool take their nutrition from the water, purifying it. Rocks, pebbles and aquatic plants characterize our enchanting bio pool, and every detail is cared for to create an environment in harmony with the surrounding nature.

This unique experience will make guests appreciate our philosophy and our values even more.